Discs & Digipaks

Digipaks are fast becoming the new standard for retail disc packaging. The jewel case has worn the crown for 30 years but today's savvy buyers are looking for something special, something unique. Made from a paperboard shell fused with a plastic disc tray, Digipaks have half the eco-footprint of traditional packaging while offering all of the versatility required for today's special packaging demands.

Looking for more eco-friendly CD packaging options? Explore our eco-jackets!

CD Digipaks allow you to easily add additional discs/trays. Optional pockets will hold printed folders/booklets and by adding top spine barcodes and a marketing sticker, you'll be ready to compete with the majors. Furnace has quick 12-day turns along with the best quality, customer service and value in the industry.


Why CD Digipaks from Furnace MFG?

As you can see from the display of CD Digipaks above, we offer a wide variety of options to suit any need. Your next recording deserves to look as good as it sounds and at Furnace MFG, we don’t compromise on quality. There’s a CD Digipak certain to meet your creative needs, from our popular 4-, 6- and 8-panel products and more. With our fast turn times and unparalleled quality, we’ll take your creative and musical visions and combine them into the perfect package to impress your audience.

Need a creative boost for your next CD project’s cover art or Digipak design? Furnace offers complete design services, too!

All orders of 500 units and up receive a FREE UPC BARCODE.