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It's time tested and customer approved:  the classic combination of DVDs/CDs and jewel cases.  For musicians, the CD/Jewel Case presentation marks the retail standard.  For marketers, it's a presentation that tells your audience you care about their opinion.  Furnace is here to help you deliver a positive and lasting impression, no matter what your industry.  Its uniform design fits a simple 2 panel insert up to a 32 page stapled booklet and tray card. Add top spine barcodes and a marketing sticker and you'll be ready to compete with the majors.  Furnace has quick 9 day turns on CD duplication, along with the best quality, customer service and value in the industry. And now, all orders of 500 units and up receive a FREE UPC BARCODE.


Why Entrust Us with Your DVD/CD Duplication and Packaging Needs?

Furnace understands that there’s more to your DVD/CD duplication and packaging project than just a “shiny outer coating.” While your jewel case presentation positions you for retail outlet acceptance and a high-perceived value by your audience, there’s more to the package than that with Furnace.

Our jewel case CD packaging not only offers you the finest materials, but we give you standard what some companies consider to be “extras” (and that goes for our DVDs, too):

  • • Standard 9 day turn time (and if you need them faster – give us a call)
  • • High quality print options from  2-panel inserts or up to a 32-page stapled booklet
  • • All orders of 500 units + receive a FREE UPC BAR CODE

Why are our DVD and CD pressing and packaging services different from the rest? Aside from all of the “standard extras,” we’re simply fans of media presented in a polished, professional package. Whether a musician or a corporation looking to stand out from the masses, your project will be handled by a team that feels a great presentation can never hurt!

Begin Shopping for your CD and Jewel Case Options Today!

We’ve made it easy – if you’re here for CDs packaged in jewel cases, begin your order today. If you’re looking for additional options for your CD pressing and packaging project, just click on one of the product categories above for more details. We’re more than just CDs and jewel cases – we’re you’re comprehensive provider of quality media duplication and packaging.

PS: If you need less than 500 units, we also invite you to explore our short run CD duplication services (and yes – we do short run DVDs, too!).