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Digital Download Cards Deftones Digital Download Cards  Digital Download Cards Tokyo Police Club Digital Download Cards Freelance Whales Digital Download Cards Local Natives Digital Download Cards Deftones Digital Download Cards Against Me! White Crosses

Digital Download Cards


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It’s the next wave in digital sharing: digital download cards. They’re great for bands or businesses and let you share everything from your new single to helpful promotional and marketing tools. If you’re a software company, share your files and distribute updates easier than ever with our digital download cards (you can even add PDFs and text files with cool things like key codes at no additional charge).






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    Music Download Cards
    In a band? It’s time to cut out the middle man and keep 100% of your profits with our music download cards. Promotional music download cards are great to give away at shows or on the street as a “business card.” You can even set your own price! Skip the street team handouts and give fans something they can use. Our promotional music download cards also make great add-ons for your next vinyl project (while you’re at it, check out our vinyl pressing services, too).

    Just Need Codes? We’ve Got You Covered
    Want to print the codes on something else like concert tickets or other merch? No problem, you can buy just our codes and hosting services to feature in your own web store or print on the materials of your choice.

    Get Started Today!
    Your next download card project is just a click away! All you have to do is have the materials or music to share and we’ve got a great way to help you share it. Use the How it Works and Buy Now icons above to get going on your project – and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

  • Full-Color Disc Face Printing
    When your disc face needs to WOW! Furnace MFG offers full-color OFFSET disc face printing.  Offset is a huge improvement from the silk-screen printing the other guys offer. You’ll get the highest disc face print resolution on the market with breathtaking results.  Perfect for disc face designs with full-color photos or continuous tone artwork. Upgrade your next disc to full-color offset for just $125.
    UPC Codes
    If you want your product for sale in a retail environment, you’ll need a UPC barcode.  When you have your project pressed at Furnace MFG we’ll assign a barcode to your project - free of charge.  For a little bit extra, we’ll pop it in your design files, or you can choose to add Top-Spine UPC  Labels.
    Top-Spine UPC Labels:
    Some retail stores require Top-Spine UPC Labels for easy browsing and inventory purposes. For just $0.05 per Jewel Case or $.07 per DVD Case or Digipak, you’ll have product ready for the mom and pop shop at the corner or the Big Box stores worldwide. No setup fee!
    “Vinyl” Look CDs
    Retro vinyl record looks with CD playability.  Made from black polycarbonate, the top of the disc is imprinted with vinyl grooves and label for a cool effect that is sure to be a hit with your fans.  Black top and bottom, no silver anywhere and it plays just like a normal CD.  Or if you want to go really retro, check out our Vinyl Manufacturing Services.
    “Fan” CDs
    What The..? It looks like an old vinyl picture disc with a mini CD in the middle.  When you need a unique look and feel to your project, this is certainly the way to go.  Will fit roughly195MB or about 22 minutes of audio.
    Marketing Stickers
    Advertising your disc in stores is a great way to boost sales. Let potential buyers know about your release, singles on the album or included bonus material for just pennies extra per disc.  We offer stickers in a variety of shapes and sizes with 1, 2 or even full color printing available. Ask one of our Sales Associates how to add one of these babies to your next package.
    Posters, Postcards & Stickers
    Need to publicize your new release or need posters for your upcoming tour?  Ask us about our fantastic promotional printing specials when ordering your next disc or vinyl run.  Right now we are offering 300 11”x17” full-color posters for just $99 with any disc or vinyl order of 500 units or more. What a deal!
    Download Cards
    Digital Download Cards are the perfect vehicle to promote your band or product, give away bonus material or add a digital copy along with your vinyl release at a fraction of the cost of CDs or DVDs. Furnace prints the cards, hosts the content and can provide reporting at a price that is the envy of the industry.
    Vinyl Record Manufacturing
    What is old is new again.  For us diehards, vinyl never disappeared.  With over 25 years of vinyl pressing experience, the crew at Furnace MFG is proud to offer the best vinyl quality in the industry. Using our own proprietory vinyl compound that is free of noise-causing toluene, Furnace is able to offer audiophile quality vinyl records to the discriminating client. Furnace is also one of the only companies in the world that only uses Eco-Vinyl: our pvc compound is free of toxic lead and cadmium and adheres to the strictest environmental standards found anywhere in the world. There is a reason artists like Neil Young, Genesis, Wilco, Green Day and the folks at Impulse Jazz use Furnace MFG - we make the best sounding vinyl available in the industry. Period.
    CD Mastering Services
    After the final mix there’s still one more step before your recording is ready for pressing. Furnace has partnered with Silver Sonya Studios to offer top-shelf Audio Mastering at indie-friendly pricing.  For as little as $75 dollars, our mastering team will bring a level of sonic clarity and richness to your recording that you never thought possible. You’ll have to hear it to believe it!
    Enhanced CD Creation
    Treat your fans to pictures, bios, interviews, music videos, and much more! How is this possible you might ask? Audio CDs have 74 minutes of available space for music, but most albums don't use up all of that capacity. Enhanced CDs use that extra space to turn your album into a complete audio-visual experience for your fans. Bands and labels use Enhanced CDs because they add valuable extras to a CD that cannot be easily downloaded from the web. They also help you promote because they can contain information about your group, links to your website, booking information and much more. Fans love them because they get much more than just an album.
    Design Services
    Everybody knows you have to be seen in order to be heard. Furnace MFG has you covered with award-winning designers on staff ready to help. Our design team share the same passion for the visual arts as you have for your disc project - and it shows. With unbeatable pricing and proven design skills, our design team will work with you to capture your passion and vision.

    • Digital Download Cards
    • Digital Download Cards Tokyo Police Club
    • Digital Download Cards Freelance Whales
    • Digital Download Cards Local Natives
    • Digital Download Cards Deftones
    • Digital Download Cards Against Me! White Crosses

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  • Furnace MFG the competition
    We ship our bulk disc packages in the exact quantity that is ordered. No overage amounts or hidden extra costsThey make and charge for 5-10% more than you order
    We offer high quality 3c silk-screen printing as standardThey charge you extra for each color used
    We include a free UPC code with all of our replicated disc orders to use on your own print or packagingThe charge $20-$50 for a UPC code
    We only charge for exact shipping and handling costsThey mark up shipping to make a profit on the job
    We provide personalized customer service with direct access to a dedicated, experienced sales associate and customer service representativeThey utilize order takers who may not follow your project from start to finish
    We offer high resolution, full-color offset disc face printingThey print all full-color disc faces using lower resolution silk-screen printing