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Why trust your DVD replication project to anyone but the best? We know the Amaray case is still the gold standard in DVD packaging and a favorite among filmmakers, digital content producers and software firms.

The sleek case design means our DVD replication services will make your project look and feel at home on both retail shelves and in a home library equally well! The uniform design fits a wraparound cover and can house everything from a 2-panel insert up to a 32-page stapled booklet. Just add a top spine barcodes and a marketing sticker and you'll be ready for retail distribution!  Furnace has quick 9 day turns and all orders of 500 units and up receive a FREE UPC BARCODE.


Why Furnace MFG for Your Next DVD Replication Project?

Our DVD replication team offers you the best experience – period. No games, no gimmicks – just a great-looking DVD in the gold standard industry packaging. With quick 9 day turn times and a customer service team dedicated to making sure you place your NEXT order with us, your experience is a great one waiting to happen.  All around, it’s the best value in the industry, from product to customer service.

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Choose one of our DVD replication packages above and learn more about how we can help create the perfect finished DVD project for you and your audience. Don’t see what you need? Check out our custom DVD packaging options. You may also be interested in our DVD Digipak products and custom design services for your packaging art!