Discs & Eco-Jackets

If you’re looking for recycled CD sleeves or DVD packaging, you’ve come to the right place. Our eco CD packaging options not only offer the cutting edge in environmentally-friendly CD packaging but a great alternative to plastic tray packaging that can save you tons in mailing costs. There are plenty of options for DVDs as well!

Our CD eco-packaging is ideal for direct mail, business uses, demos and as inserts into other materials.

Why Use Eco CD Packaging?

Not only do recycled CD sleeves and DVD sleeves help minimize bulk – they simply make your life easier. Our eco-jackets do not have the standard plastic tray to hold your disc like a traditional CD or DVD case does, and this means less shipping costs when moving your merchandise around. Lower your trade show and fulfillment expenses by using DVD/CD eco packaging – your audience will thank you as they’ll have your valuable information safely secured in lightweight packaging that’s easy to store and carry.

We also offer direct mail CDs – we’ll even design, print, package and ship your project in lightweight, durable packaging!

Explore our Eco-Friendly CD Packaging

Furnace MFG’s eco-jackets are a versatile, eco-friendly alternative to traditional CD or DVD packaging made of recycled materials. With the eight different options we offer above, there’s sure to be one that’s the ideal solution for your project. We’re committed to making you look as good as you sound! And if you need some creative assistance with designing the perfect cover for your project, just let us know. Furnace offers complete CD and DVD cover design services, too.