Frequently Asked Questions


Where will my records be pressed?
How much music can I fit on one side of a record?
If I'm going to provide lacquers or mothers to Furnace, does it matter what size the plates are?
I received 5 test pressings. One copy has noise but another in the batch does not. Should I be concerned?
What are the limitations when pressing metallic vinyl?
What colors of vinyl do you offer?
Why choose Furnace to press my records?
What kind of masters do you accept?
What is your standard turnaround / lead time?
What weight vinyl do you offer?
Can you etch something into the inner groove of the record?
Can you custom etch an entire side of my record?
Does vinyl color effect sound quality?


Can Furnace MFG duplicate from an Enhanced CD (Blue Book) master?
Where should I send my Audio CD Master?
I'm having my CD master created somewhere else. What steps should I take in order to get a perfect master?
Can I send a DAT tape in as my master?
What is glass mastering?
Should my CD master be already mastered, edited and equalized before sending it to Furnace MFG?
I have a home studio or I am creating my CD master from my computer. What should I do to create a good master?
Can I have my song and band name appear when I put my disc into a computer/advanced cd player?
I have a cover song on my album. Is there anything I need in addition to the standard forms and IPR information?
Can I include samples of other artist's songs on my record?
What are Intellectual Property Rights and why do I have to accept the terms of compliance with this program?
What if I'm doing a compilation disc (with multiple artists)?
How can I protect/copyright the songs I've written?


How should I setup my ROM/DATA master so it is suitable for reproduction?
What if I want my disc to autorun after putting it into the drive?
Can I upload my master instead of sending in a physical copy?


How do I burn a DVD-Video master that is suitable for production?


How do graphic design templates work?
How do I ensure that my scanned images will look their best?
Do I have to send my scans if they are embedded in the layout program?
How should I go about trapping my design?
What if I convert all my type to paths (sometimes referred to as curves)?
How can I send my graphic files to Furnace MFG?
Could you provide me with a final checklist?
What is the difference between process and spot colors (PMS colors)?
What is the Pantone Matching System?
What do you need to print on the CD/DVD label?
How are PMS colors separated on the CD/DVD face?
What computer applications can I use to submit my artwork?
What is the process of making booklets and traycards?
What is the difference between matte, unfinished, and standard coated print stock?
What is Reverse Board Printing?
How should I go about trapping?
What if I convert all my type to paths (sometimes referred to as curves)?
Do I have to view my proofs in Adobe Acrobat?
What do I need to know about working with color?
What kind of disc printing do you offer?
What are crop marks?
What are registration marks?
What is "bleed?"
What are perforation marks?
What is the safety margin?


What is disc Duplication and how is it different from disc Replication?
What is a catalog or release number and should I assign one to my project?
Do I need a barcode? Can Furnace supply me with one?
How does Furnace ship my completed discs?
What is drop-shipping?
Do I have to pay sales tax?
What is your return policy?
What are Top Spines?
What is the Anti Piracy / Replication Rights Form and do I need to submit one of these for each release I send to Furnace?


If we are putting the redemption widget on our own page, can we change the back of the card to incorporate our artwork?
Will I have to pay the setup fee every time I submit a re-order of a particular card?
Are there any discounts if we put in orders for more than one batch of cards at the same time?
If I order multiple cards and want to put the redemption widget on my own site, can I use the same widget for the various cards or do I need a different widget for each card?
Do you need track information for the songs I want to make available for download?
Is there a website currently using the widget so I can see how they incorporated it into their site?