The Leaders in Short Run Duplication: Furnace MFG
Furnace MFG is your go-to source for short run duplication
services. Our short run DVD and short run CD services are
available for as few as 10 discs or as many as 500 - you tell
us what you need and we'll walk you through the ordering
process step-by-step.

Our Short Run Duplication Services are Easy to Use!
Not everybody needs a huge run of discs, and that's why we
developed our Short Run Disc Factory. It's a simple six-step
process designed to make your short run DVD or short run CD
projects a breeze from start to finish.
Step 1: Choose your disc type (CD, DVD, mini CD, biz card or Blu-Ray).
Step 2: Choose your content (audio, ROM, video or blank).
Step 3: Choose your disc printing.
Step 4: Select your packaging.
Step 5: Add printed inserts.
Step 6: Add your upgrades…and you're done!
There's a simple built-in calculator that will give you your order
total and your short run duplication project will be in the works
here at Furnace MFG.

We Set the Standard in Short Run
At Furnace MFG, we're the leaders in making you both sound AND look good. It doesn't matter to us if you order 15 pieces
or 500 – you'll still get the benefits of the same technology that creates CDs for major labels, popular artists and companies
you hear about on the news every day. We're dedicated to quality and look forward to handling your next short run CD or
short run DVD project with expert hands.