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Now it's easier than ever to send your artwork files to Furnace. Simply zip or stuff all your files into a single archive (no need to archive each file or each set of files individually), fill out the form below, and click submit. Your files will be automatically transferred to us, and we will be instantly notified of your submission. Be sure to wait until your files have finished transferring (you will receive a notification page) before closing this window!

IMPORTANT: If your files are larger than about 100 MB compressed, you should consider uploading via our standard FTP server. Instructions to do so can be downloaded here.

Our FTP server is capable of handling your upload up to 1GB. If you are trying to upload files larger than that, please be aware that your internet service provider may have a limit on file transfer bandwidth which may cause the upload process to time out. If this happens, or your master exceeds 1GB in size, please mail in your files on a disc to us at:

2719-B Dorr Avenue, Fairfax, VA 22031

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