Furnace now offers an easy and cost-effective way to fulfill your vinyl pre-orders.

Do you have an active Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign? Are you an independent artist or band looking to control mailing of your own records to fans? Our Vinyl Mailing Service is a no-brainer. Let us fulfill your vinyl preorders with the same meticulous quality control standards you've come to expect from our bulk vinyl shipments.

If you’re a band on a budget, arranging your own vinyl mailing appears to be a cost-effective and attractive way to save a few dollars. However, after buying mailers, padding, postage, the costs quickly add up. The time expense becomes overwhelming too: it can take days or even weeks to process mailing lists, individually package each record, and bring batches of records to the post office. The frustration is compounded when orders are returned with warped records, scuffed jackets and bent corners.

With an average of 40% of indie vinyl records sold as presales, DIY mailing can become a budget-buster before you even get started. Why pay to have us ship your bulk records only to have to unbox and repackage each album to mail it yourself?

At prices starting as low as $2 per album, it’s easy to compare for yourself how the costs stack up.

We call it Frustration-Free for a reason! Simply provide us with a spreadsheet of your preorders. We’ll work with you to choose a mailing option that works with your price range — from economical Media Mail to lightning-fast express shipping with all the bells and whistles.

Your pre-orders are packed into our custom designed mailers. These Mailers are made to withstand the wear and tear of shipping, and have superior jacket corner protection compared to standard LP mailers. Because our mailers don't require additional padding, we can package your albums much less expensively, passing the savings back to you.

Furnace Vinyl Mailing Services are faster too — as soon as your preorders come off the assembly line, they’re inspected and packed. We apply the necessary postage or shipping labels and they’re out the door, arriving to your fans in as little as 1 business day.

Interested in using our Vinyl Mailing Services on your next vinyl project? Contact us today or Request a Quote! One of our qualified Vinyl Mailing experts will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

  • Our mailers fit up to four records snugly, greatly reducing the chance of bending, warping, or breakage during delivery. Standard mailers don't hold vinyl tightly, leading to jacket scuffing, bending, warping and broken records.

  • Self-sealing All-in-One Frustration-Free Packaging increases resistance to warping/bending by 700% compared to the record in jacket alone. Standard mailers use cheap, non-reinforced cardboard, offering no protection against bending, warping or scuffing.

  • Reinforced corners on Frustration-Free mailers mean ZERO corner damage! Standard mailers have corners which are susceptible to crushing during transit and delivery.