Foil Stamping John Coltrane Quartet

Looking to release a limited edition?

Let Furnace MFG number your records
using our retro-look, numeric foil
stamp, giving it that hard to find
collector vibe.
Foil-Stamped Jacket
Pneumatic Press  
Using an old-school Kingsley Pneumatic Press,
Furnace will sequentially number your records from
00001 up to 99999 with gold or silver foil stamping.
All work is done in-house and is meticulously
hand-stamped to ensure excellent results.

Foil Number Stamping
numbers mixed in cartons

numbers batched together
in boxes not in sequential order

(ex. #s 1-20 in a box, but not in order)

numbers batched together
and in sequential order

(ex. #s 1-20 in a box and numbered 1, 2, 3...etc. inside a box)

* foil stamping requires 2-3% material scrap

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