Vinyl Record LP Laser Etching
Looking to create a custom looking vinyl record but don’t have the budget for a picture disc? Consider our laser etching services as a great looking alternative.

We can take your logo, copy or pattern and laser etch your design into a pressing plate for a cool looking effect on transparent vinyl and a graphic only side when pressing solid color vinyl.

Normally, laser etching is only offered on a non-playable side of a vinyl record.  However, with some tweaking, we can create a laser etch on the groove side of the record. Sound quality and playability will differ based on length of program and audio style.

Contact one of our sales reps to get more information on laser etching your next vinyl release.

Note: We advise pressing a laser etched record with a label on both sides. Pressing a record without labels or with only one label may result in undesired warping or "pull-thru" on the center hole.