Logistics Coordinator

About Furnace :

Furnace Record Pressing is a full-service vinyl pressing plant based in Alexandria, VA. We make vinyl records for major labels and indies, musicians, and all who care about quality and craft. We’ve been doing this for 22 years and are dedicated to continuing to drive the industry by bringing only the best vinyl records to market. 

We practice Lean Manufacturing in the office and on the manufacturing floor. This means a lot of things but part of it is saving time every day through continual improvement of processes and ourselves. If we mess something up, we fix it and we learn from it. No excuses and no moping.

What You’ll Do:

Provides direct support to the Inventory Manager by coordinating shipments to and from the facility. Creates BOL’s and documents tracking number, communicating it to the right people. Pulls materials for manufacturing orders. Receives documents and puts away inventory. Prepares products for outgoing parcel and freight shipment. Interfaces daily with the Furnace Inventory system. 

About you:

  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment 
  • Understands supply change management, or experience in relevant field
  • Notices details
  • Organized
  • Understands urgency (this is key)
  • Likes being part of a team that works hard, respects their work and their co-workers
  • Has basic computer skills

 Some things you’ll do in this position:

  • Get job details from the Customer Service team and book into Freight Quote 
  • Print BOL’s and coordinate with Shipping Manager and Inventory Clerk
  • Enter tracking into our database system, FileMaker
  • Send daily packing slips for trucks and small parcels to the Customer Service team, and potentially customers
  • Point of contact between Furnace and FedEx, creating labels for FedEx small parcels and making sure FedEx is picked up daily. 
  • Create commercial invoices for International shipments
  • Audit and reconcile FedEx and Freight Quote bills
  • Maintain a clean and safe shipping area. Keep it well stocked with the shipping supplies and tools needed for each shipper (FedEx labels, envelopes, tubes, – fragile stickers, etc)
  • Pack and ship non-job related shipments such as sample packs, webstore orders and help Pressing to pack and ship parts to send for refurb and repair
  • Prepare shipments for component returns to customers 
  • Work with customers to resolve lost and damaged shipments
  • Help the Inventory and Finishing departments when caught up. 

Some things you’ll need in this position:

  • Good customer service skills
  • Great record-keeping abilities
  • Experience in supply-chain management or relevant field  
  • The ability to push, pull and carry up to 50 lbs
  • The ability to operate a PC/MAC, hand truck and pallet jack 
  • Consistent and reliable means of transportation     

Please send your cover letter and resume to jobs@furnacemfg.com