Furnace Record Pressing first emerged in 1996 when veterans of the music industry realized how important premium media duplication, replication, and packaging services were. Since it’s inception, Furnace MFG has made a commitment to serve both large and small record labels as well as individuals with customer service that can’t be beat.

Furnace Record Pressing clients come from a wide array of industries; entertainment, music, non-profit, corporate, and even government. Although clients come from contrasting industries, they all invest in Furnace MFG because they trust us to deliver the highest quality media-related product at the right price and in a timely manner.

Furnace MFG may have started out as a small-time operation, but our suite of services has grown from simple DVD and CD duplication to a one-stop, full-service manufacturer. Furnace Record Pressing duplicates and replicates DVDs, CDs, flash drives, Blu-Ray discs, and vinyl records. Not to be outdone, Furnace MFG provides a atlented creative design team as well as CD mastering, DVD authoring, and more!

Need 3 DVDs copied? Need 75,000 CDs copied? Need help promoting your artwork using our in-house design services? Furnace Record Pressing has over 15 years of experience in the music industry, and thus the ability to deliver you success. At Furnace, you’ll never have to trade price for quality. Our customer service will surpass your expectations, and we’ll have your product delivered in a timely manner.