All-Inclusive Package Pricing

First time pressing vinyl? Looking for small run of 500, or 1000 units?

Our all-inclusive package pricing is great for those planning a budget-friendly project. With shipping and productions overs included, you’ll be able to have the exact price of your complete project from the start. No worrying about how much shipping will be or how many overs you’ll need to pay for once your order is ready to ship.

Like every project trusted to us, your package price vinyl will meet the high standards for look and sound that Furnace prides ourselves on.

Ready to start the process?
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* Minimum order quantity: 500 units

* Pricing includes 2-Day shipping of test pressings and ground freight on finished goods to one location. Shipping to more than one location will incur additional shipping fees.

**Color vinyl minimum is 200 units per color. The pricing above is the additional cost per each color or colors. Example: If you are ordering 1000 units and want 200 of a single standard color and 200 of swirl of premium color, the upcharge would be 200 x $1.47 and 200 x $1.95 additional to the package price order. Color vinyl up-charges include extra sets of stampers and setup fees required to run each color selection.

* Pressed vinyl weight variance: +/- 10 grams

* Offer is limited to U.S. orders only excluding Hawaii and Alaska

* Accepted payment methods include check, money order or wire transfer. Inquire for details.

  • Lead time including test pressings: 12-14 weeks.