Why Furnace Record Pressing

You love vinyl. We love vinyl. At Furnace Record Pressing, vinyl record pressing is our passion and it shows in every order.

Quality Vinyl
Not all vinyl record pressing is equal. We buy and listen to a lot of vinyl. So we only ship records that we’d be happy to invest our hard-earned money on.
Customer Service
We’re what you’ve been looking for: a legit vinyl record pressing plant who cares as much as you do. Everything we’ve built (our new facility, obsessive knowledge of the industry, smart and fun team who can suggest things you never thought of) supports our customer-centric core value.
One-Stop Shop
Who has time for chasing down parts from two or ten vendors for each project? Let Furnace handle all of the headaches. We offer a complete line of mastering, print, packaging, and mailing services all under one roof. Jackets, boxsets, inserts, download cards, slipmats, hedgehogs – we do it all.
Do Well by Doing Good
Manufacturing is a resource heavy business so Furnace is dedicated to running as environmentally friendly a facility as possible.
Additional Capacity & Faster Turn Time
We have a new state-of-the-art 50,000 sq ft vinyl record pressing plant, adding millions of additional units per year to our existing capacity. Whatever scale you require, we can handle.
We’ve been doing this for 25 years. We care about the industry, and we care about doing it right. Between all of us, we’ve touched pretty much every part of this industry from playing in bands, recording bands, distributing records, and of course buying records.
Direct to the Source
At Furnace, pressing vinyl isn’t about cashing in or chasing a trend. Our owner has been pressing vinyl records since the 80’s and has been obsessed with machines, processes, and systems all his life. We own and operate the machines, so the buck stops with us. This is vinyl record pressing done right.
Furnace’s quick turns, responsive team and one-stop services means you’ll spend less time and resources managing your vinyl record production. Time is money and we care about your time and your money.
The Gallery

Our customers are our best advertisement, take a look at some of the work we’ve done and what our customers have had to say about us…

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