Color Vinyl

We offer a whole slew of vinyl colors to match the vibe you’re trying to achieve. Our line-up of standard color choices include transparent and solid varieties that look great by themselves or can be mixed together to create a specific color to match your project.

Things to know about color vinyl: While we do our best to match your color preference, we cannot guarantee exact color match or consistency. Solid and transparent colors often times do not mix well to create a new color and some colors will only mix using all solid or all transparent material. Also, color vinyl can suffer from some audio quality loss due to the nature of the PVC material used. You will hear this in quiet spots, in between tracks and in the lead in and out grooves. If you are concerned about audio quality, black vinyl is always your best bet.

Vinyl Options & Services

Standard Color Vinyl:

Our line-up of standard color choices include transparent and solid varieties that look great by themselves or can be mixed together to create a specific color to match your project. Click the button below to see our lineup of colors.

Vinyl Options & Services

Special Effect Vinyl:

If you want your project to stand out in the crowd, Furnace offers hand-crafted, special effect color vinyl. These special color combinations require a real life human person to mix, join and create a custom vinyl “biscuit” that is then hand placed inside the press.

Color effect vinyl will elevate your senses with no drugs required. We make a variety of color effects like blends, splatters, half and half, color-in-color and color-stripes.

If we were hipsters, we may even refer to this process as artisanal.

10" Vinyl Records

Picture Discs:

Play it, frame it or just marvel at the beauty of it. Picture discs create a visual vibe that perfectly complements the music.  

Picture Discs are made by sandwiching a vinyl “puck” with printed labels and then adding layers of plastic laminate to each side which the grooves are pressed into.  Although audibly inferior to standard vinyl, they still sound ok but the true beauty of this product is in the visuals. While not technically color vinyl, we needed a place to put this until we create a new page.

Protective Inner Sleeves

As you know, records are delicate snowflakes (well, not really) and need to be pampered so they can provide lifelong entertainment. That’s where a protective inner sleeve earns its keep.

We’re not big fans of paper or paperboard sleeves coming in contact with your record. We’d encourage you not to use them but, we can’t tell you how to live you life, so we offer a whole line of sleeve options:

Vinyl Options & Services

Paper Sleeves:

The ubiquitous paper sleeve is everywhere. It’s tradition, it’s cheap and it’s what most people think they should be using. Tradition doesn’t always mean good (looking at you, Columbus Day.) Paper has been the standard protective sleeve option for decades, the fibers of the paper get into the grooves of the record and can actually scuff the record as it’s being put in and taken out. Ouch. We know some of you will want them but we’d strongly suggest one of our HDPE or HDPE “Poly-Lined” sleeves for better protection.

Colors Available:

  • 12”: black or white
  • 10”: white
  • 7”: white
Vinyl Options & Services

Standard “Rice Paper” Sleeves:

Clear high-density polyethylene sleeves are far superior to paper sleeves in a number of ways:

  • HDPE is silky smooth like butter and satin had a non greasy baby, which cuts down on friction and static electricity
  • Unlike paper, HDPE does not shed fibers into record grooves so there is much less cleaning required
  • Less friction and no paper fibers mean less scuffs and surface scratches
  • They don’t tear as easily as paper
  • They are clear so you can see the entire record and label on both sides
  • There is no center hole so less dust gets in in to play around on your record grooves
  • Free! Wait, did we say free?  Yes, Furnace throws in a 2mil Clear HDPE Sleeve with all 12” and 7” orders.
  • Available in 12” and 7” formats
Vinyl Options & Services

Audiophile “Rice Paper” Sleeves:

These sleeves have been the standard in audiophile circles for decades.  Using the  same anti-static HDPE material as our Standard “Rice Paper” sleeves plus a 3rd ply that wraps around a paper insert that creates a more robust sleeve with a white backdrop. Available in 12” only.

Vinyl Options & Services

Poly-Lined Sleeves:

For the traditionalists out there that like the look of a paper sleeve but want the benefits of a “rice paper” sleeve, we offer Poly-Lined paper sleeves. Paper on the outside, silky on the inside.  Paper is lined with a thin layer of HDPE and then folded and glued into a sleeve. Plastic covers the center hole and prevents dust from seeping in. 12” only, available in black or white paper.

Vinyl Options & Services

Clear PVC Sleeves:

Mainly used for picture discs, PVC sleeves are crystal clear, perfect to spotlight your record yet robust enough to go into retail on it’s own without a jacket.  These are great for color and color effect vinyl records where the record is the star of the show.  They are available with and without a flap,in 12”, 10” and 7” sizes. They can be custom ordered to hold multiple records, made to fit custom shapes and even multiple pocket picture disc poster hangers (which was all the rage in the 80s, let’s bring it back).

Vinyl Options & Services

Printed Paper Sleeves:

This is a great way to combine a sleeve and liner notes – effectively extending your creative canvas.  Just like all of our printing options, the sky’s the limit when it comes to colors (process or pantone), finishes (semi-gloss, uncoated)  and effect (die-cuts, deboss, spot varnishes,etc). Available in 7”, 10” and 12”.  Inner sleeves can be inserted empty into the jacket if you plan on using an HDPE or Poly-lined sleeve for added protection. Note: Disco-Jackets (below) are strongly recommended for heavyweight 180g 12” records to help avoid seam splits.

Vinyl Options & Services

Printed Disco-Jackets:

Similar to the Printed Paper Sleeves above but on heavier paperboard material. Also they have the word “disco” in their name which is kind of a plus.  Printed Disco-Jackets (or Inner Jackets) can be inserted into an outer jacket or used all by itself like DJ records have traditionally been packaged. They’re rigid enough to be shrink-wrapped for retail.  Available in 7”, 10” and 12”. Note: Disco-Jackets can be inserted empty into the jacket if you plan on using an HDPE or Poly-lined sleeve for added protection.

Vinyl Options & Services
Multi-Disc Sets

This is an area where Furnace really excels. Having been entrusted with some of the most important and detailed boxsets over the last couple of decades, we’ve got this perfected. Furnace can be your single source for all the vinyl, CDs (yes, people still press them), jackets, boxes, inserts, lithos booklets, slipmats and all the other cool swag usually found in a statement piece.

But what sets Furnace apart is our LEAN Manufacturing processes and experienced Packaging Engineering that goes into every project. What does that mean for you and your fans? Finished goods that show up in one piece without corner dings and shipping damage. Boxsets that have all the parts and pieces expected. Product that has been engineered to mail and ship throughout the globe without everything inside getting shaken and stirred.

We do this through strict quality control measures, careful double counting and process testing. Each project is fitted with packaging material to make sure it’s tight and won’t shift during shipping. All product is checked on a gram weigh scale to make sure the 27 pieces that are supposed to inside are indeed there for your customer.

Vinyl Options & Services - Design
Design Services

While most of you are pros and have the Adobe Design Suite, know how to design for print and know what bleeds, transparencies and trapping is all about, for all the newbies out there, our Design Team is here to make sense of your needs and turn it into award winning print and packaging.

We have a full-service graphic design department specializing in large format creative packaging design. Our designers will work closely from concept to final proofing to make sure you are completely happy with the final product. We also offer design re-creation for companies looking to re-issue a title where the original assets are unavailable and only a physical copy exists. In addition to performing meticulous scanning and file optimization, we can also completely redo all type and line art imagery for crisp, clean lines instead of the dreaded blurry reissues you often see on the shelves.

If you are supplying your own graphic files, Furnace performs a full pre-flight check to make sure that your files are ready for the press.

But before we go on press, you will receive free digital proofs to inspect and approve. If you’d rather have a physical proof, we offer those too for a small fee.

Vinyl Mastering & Plating

You’ve recorded and mastered and are ready to press some vinyl. Most studios will provide a master optimized for CD or download / streaming services. Our vinyl mastering engineers have a singular focus: to prepare your recording specifically for optimal vinyl playback. Once mastered for vinyl, our engineers cut the record onto lacquers, then they are sent onto the plating department and finally onto the press floor where test pressings will be made for you to analyze and approve. No need for multiple vendors or finger pointing.

Of course, if you’d prefer to supply us with cut lacquers or finished mother plates, we’re happy take those and make the final pressing plates. Please read our Vinyl FAQ so your mastering engineer can supply us with parts in the correct format. If they have any further questions, have them get in touch and we’ll talk in technical jargon and make sure they get us what we need.

Vinyl Record Options & Services
Mailing Services

Do you have an active crowdfunding campaign? Are you an independent artist or band looking to control mailing of your own records to fans? Our Vinyl Mailing Service is a no-brainer. Let us fulfill your vinyl pre-orders with the same meticulous quality control standards you’ve come to expect from our vinyl pressing services.

If you’re a band on a budget, arranging your own vinyl mailing appears to be a cost-effective and attractive way to save a few dollars. However, after buying mailers, padding, postage, the costs quickly add up. The time and expense becomes overwhelming too: it can take days or even weeks to process mailing lists, individually package each record, and bring batches of records to the post office. The frustration is compounded when orders are returned with warped records, scuffed jackets and bent corners.

DIY mailing can become a budget-buster before you even get started. Why pay to have us ship your bulk records only to have to unbox and repackage each album to mail it yourself?

At prices starting as low as $2 per album, it’s easy to compare for yourself how the costs stack up.

We call it Frustration-Free for a reason! Simply provide us with a spreadsheet of your preorders. We’ll work with you to choose a mailing option that works with your price range — from economical Media Mail to lightning-fast express shipping with all the bells and whistles.

Your pre-orders are packed into our custom designed mailers. These Mailers are made to withstand the wear and tear of shipping, and have superior jacket corner protection compared to standard LP mailers. Because our mailers don’t require additional padding, we can package your albums much less expensively, passing the savings back to you.

Furnace Vinyl Mailing Services are faster too — as soon as your pre-orders come off the assembly line, they’re inspected and packed. We apply the necessary postage or shipping labels and they’re out the door, arriving to your fans in as little as 1 business day.