Color Vinyl Update (11/2022): Due to supply chain constraints, the industry is experiencing a shortage of color vinyl.  We have updated the list below to reflect which colors are reliably available.

We offer a whole slew of vinyl colors to match the vibe you’re trying to achieve. Our line-up of standard color choices include transparent and solid varieties that look great by themselves or can be mixed together to create a specific color to match your project.

Things to know about color vinyl: While we do our best to match your color preference, we cannot guarantee exact color match or consistency. Solid and transparent colors often times do not mix well to create a new color and some colors will only mix using all solid or all transparent material.

Note that the PMS value below represents the color the record resembles when looked at with an unlighted white background. The PMS colors are for reference only and don’t match exactly since the colors can differ depending on the batch of the vinyl granulate.

Color vinyl can suffer from some audio quality loss due to the nature of the PVC material used. You will hear this in quiet spots, in between tracks and in the lead in and out grooves. If you are concerned about audio quality, black vinyl is always your best bet.

Want to know more about color and special effect? Head over to our Color & Special Effect Vinyl FAQ page.

Color Vinyl
Black Vinyl Records

PMS Black

Red Color Vinyl Records

Red Opaque
PMS 185

Transparent Red Color Vinyl Records

Red Transparent
PMS 1795

Transparent Orange Color Vinyl Records

Orange Transparent
PMS 151

Transparent Yellow Color Vinyl Records

Yellow Transparent
PMS 116

Transparent Color Vinyl Records

Green Transparent
PMS 340

Blue Color Vinyl Records

Blue Opaque
PMS 2935

Transparent Blue Color Vinyl Records

Blue Transparent
PMS 2935

Transparent Magenta Color Vinyl Records

Pink Opaque
PMS 205

White Color Vinyl Records


Image module

Silver Metallic – Opaque
PMS 422

Image module

Gold Metallic – Opaque
PMS 874

Image module

Glass Clear

Image module

Vellum Clear

Special Effect Vinyl

Furnace offers hand-crafted, special effect color vinyl. These special color combinations requires a real life human person to mix, join and create a custom vinyl “biscuit” that is then placed inside the press by hand.

Fine print: Color effect vinyl is a specialty item, surcharges may apply and colors/configurations are subject to availability. Please reach out to a Furnace Account Representative for a list of available options and timelines.

Image module

1 Color Splatter (V01)
1-color pattern

Image module

2 Color Splatter (V01B)
2-color pattern

Image module

3 Color Splatter (V01C)
3-color pattern

Image module

Edge Only Splatter (V06)
1-color edge only

Image module

1 Color Middle Only Splatter (V08)
1-color, middle only

Image module

2 Color Middle Only Splatter (V08B)
2-color, middle only