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Welcome to Furnace Record Pressing

Founded in 1996, Furnace Record Pressing is known for high-quality vinyl records. Our latest venture is our 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art record pressing facility in Alexandria, Virginia.

Read on for what separates us from the rest.


We’ve been doing this for 20+ years and we’re pretty good at it – we’re excited to see how we can get better in the next 20 and we want you on board. We care about the industry, and we care about doing it right. Between all of us, we’ve touched pretty much every part of the music industry from playing in bands, to recording bands, to distributing records and of course buying records.

Customer Service

Furnace Record Pressing is what you’ve been looking for: a legit pressing plant who gives a shit. Hi. We pick up the phones, we know what we’re doing and we care a lot. Everything we’ve built (state-of-the-art facility, obsessive knowledge of the industry, smart and fun team who can suggest things you never thought of) supports our customer-centric core value.

Capacity & Turn Time

We work hard to keep our teams small and scrappy, but Furnace’s pressing operation is anything but small- we’re capable of pressing close to 10m vinyl records a year. As if that wasn’t enough (it is) we offer pressing in Europe too. This translates to faster lead times and filling the world with happy customers.

One Stop Shop

Who has time for chasing down parts from 2 or 7 vendors for each project? Let Furnace handle all of the headaches. We offer a robust line of mastering, print, packaging and mailing services all under one roof. Jackets, Boxsets, Inserts, Download Cards and Hosting, Slipmats, Hedgehogs – we do it all.

Direct to the Source

At Furnace, pressing vinyl isn’t about cashing in or chasing a trend. Our owner has been pressing records since the 80’s and has been obsessed with machines, processes and controls all his life. This isn’t a hobby or a side project. This is vinyl manufacturing done right. We own and operate the machines so the buck stops with us.


Furnace’s quick turns, responsive team and one-stop-shopping means you’ll spend less time and resources managing your vinyl production and more time on marketing, artist relations and eating / petting dogs / happy hours / hiking / knitting or whatever the hell the kids are doing these days. Time is money and we care about your time and your money.

Furnace In the News
Our Collection Of Weirdos

Meet the only other people who wake up in the middle of the night thinking about your record

Eric Astor - Furnace Record Pressing
Eric Astor
President & CEO
Eric is the president and CEO. He’s our chief and if you hang out with him long enough (or for 20 minutes) you’ll hear how he started thinking about how to do things the BestFastestMostEfficient way when he was a kid collecting baseball cards. These days he leads the team here by example- working to constantly refine and improving what we can deliver. When he’s not at Furnace, he likes to surf, mountain bike and hang out with his two gigantic Bernese Mountain Dogs and his cool folklorist wife.
Ali Miller - Furnace Record Pressing
Ali Miller
Vice President
Ali is the Vice President and not the Production Manager. She interviewed and accepted this job in 2008 because she was bored at her corporate office job. She’s never been bored since and is excited to see what the next ten years brings. She handles a little bit of everything at Furnace if you have a problem, she can fix it. Though surrounded by music every day, Ali used iTunes for the very first time (for non work related purposes) in July 2013. She has not used it since.
Mark Reiter - Furnace Record Pressing
Mark Reiter
Operations Manager
Mark is our Warehouse Manager. If our Lean Manufacturing program had a spokesmodel, it would be Mark. He can explain what it is, why it’s important and why you should care in 5 minutes or less. He runs a tight ship of an awesome team that has fun kicking ass and getting records out the door a little faster every time. Mark shares his non-Furnace home with wolves (ok, they're Siberian Huskies) and his awesome and slightly dangerous (MMA fighter) wife. Fun fact: Mark is the second drummer we hired (Eric is the first) and now we have five. Weird.
John LaPrade - Furnace Record Pressing
John LaPrade
Production Manager
John made a mix CD (CDs were still cool then) that he presented to us at his interview called ``Pleased to Meet Me.`` Obviously we hired him and we're glad we did. He loves vinyl, he loves hard work and he's naturally got that dedication bordering on obsessive that we celebrate here at Furnace. Our Production Manager, he works on estimating and project coordinating and whatever else we can con him into. His last name is weird to pronounce, so we just call him JLP and you should too.
Ryan Burke - Furnace Record Pressing
Ryan Burke
Account Representative
Ryan is the guy who calls you to check on how your recording is going and really wants to know. Sales teams as a group aren't known for it, but he's as genuine as they come and super psyched that he gets to make a living working with bands and helping them make their vinyl dreams come true. Fun fact: Ryan hates left hand turns. Make sure to ask him about it. (p.s.: drummer)
Jenn D'Eugenio - Furnace Record Pressing
Jenn D'Eugenio
Account Representative
A member of our sales team who also runs our social media, Jenn has been collecting records for over 15 years! With thousands of records, Jenn keeps an extra close eye out for every “Master of Reality” Black Sabbath record variant she can get her hands on. Coming from a design background, Jenn has done everything from designing kids clothes to working as a traveling rep for an art college, and is excited to pursue her passion for the art of vinyl every day here at Furnace.
Michael Hsu - Furnace Record Pressing
Michael Hsu
Mechanical Lead
Michael came on board in 2013 via his nephew who told us his name was Otis. We were confused about his nickname of ``Michael`` for about a year until we figured it out. Michael can fix anything. Literally anything that breaks, he'll put it back together and it'll probably work better than before. When he's not making machines out of spare parts and kicking ass on the finishing line, Michael is a super skilled photographer and a golfer.
Minh Phan - Furnace Record Pressing
Minh Phan
QC & Assembly
Minh worked on our first ever vinyl assembly order with us. On day two of that job, the ceiling lights exploded (don't ask) and in the rain of tiny glass Minh put her sweatshirt hood up and kept working while everyone scattered. Don't try that at home but yeah, she's hardcore.
Mark Waxler - Furnace Record Pressing
Mark Waxler
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Mark joined the Furnace team in 2018 for an exciting change of pace after supervising maintenance at Reagan National Airport. Lifting the spirits of everyone around him with his infectious personality, Mark has been instrumental in getting our new plant up and running and keeping everything in tip-top shape. When he’s not at Furnace, you can likely find Mark taking his motorcycle out on the open road.
Nick Szumigala - Furnace Record Pressing
Nick Szumigala
Nick is our in house graphic designer and pre-press tech. He's the only person you know who for real got a job through his alma mater. He shares one with our former designer, and when she left the area they connected! Go Luke the Laker! (what) Nick is clever and patient and is always showing us cool design stuff that we're happy to learn about. One thing though: a drummer
Aaron Keller - Furnace Record Pressing
Aaron Keller
Inventory Manager
Aaron is our assembly foreman. When he started he drove 65 miles (each way) to work and was never late and never complained. He also started at one of the worst weeks in Furnace history and is one of the few who 1. remembers the bad times 2. still loves us and his job. Aaron is a keeper.
Thao Nguyen - Furnace Record Pressing
Thao Nguyen
Office Manager
Thao is our Office Manager and handles our H.R. Thao referred to Furny in her cover letter and told us she had a dog named “Ken” in her interview so you already know she’s sharp and funny and does her research. She handles everything (which is a lot of things) thrown at her and keeps us all in line.
Jessica Chinlasith - Furnace Record Pressing
Jessica Chinlasith
Front Desk
Your first point of contact here at Furnace, Jessica is ready to answer any and all questions you might have. While she’d rather be at the beach all year round, working here is the next best thing! A lover of all kinds of music, this is Jessica’s first exposure to the vinyl industry, and she can’t wait to learn more. Outside of work, Jessica likes spending time with her Yorkshire Terrier, Milo, and working on crafts.
Willem Ytsma - Furnace Record Pressing
Willem Ytsma
Staff Engineer
A mechanical engineering graduate and self-proclaimed record manufacturing nerd whom we fondly refer to as Tesla, Willem moved here recently and says he’s still trying to figure out how to be an adult. While he’s working that out, he continuously finds new ways to keep things fresh and interesting here at Furnace through his work on automation, engineering, and mechatronics. In his off time, he enjoys pursuing a passion for photography.
The History of the Furnace Logo
About Us

There’s one member of the team who has worked here longer than Eric. It’s Furny, the welding dude who you may recognize because he is also featured in our logo. He was created in 2001 but born many years before that. He was pressing records before you were even born.

His physical form was conceptualized by Shepard Fairey, who you know from designs like André the Giant Has A Posse (OBEY) sticker collection and the Barack Obama “HOPE” poster for the 2008 US Presidential election. Fairey’s non-Furnace works can been seen in similarly illustrious locales such the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.

In addition to repping Furnace on all the official forms and publications, Furny has also appeared in costume as Johnny Cash, Santa Claus, and all four original members of KISS and most recently a 3-D bobblehead. He gets around.

Furny himself does a lot more than represent Furnace. He’s a visionary in his own right. His side hustle is in the self help business. He wouldn’t call himself a guru, but his followers would. If the fire burns your feet, you’re doing it wrong. It’s not all work and no play though. Furny is semi-pro in night skateboarding. You’ve probably never heard of it. Maybe he’ll show you sometime.

You’re not the first person who found themselves desperately asking: where can I get a copy of Furny’s book? Where can I get some merch with this dude on the front? What’s night skateboarding? Join our newsletter and we’ll give you the scoop.