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Adding foil numbering to your project?  Here’s a handy sheet to reference for size and placement.

Foil Numbering


There are a few things to note when getting your artwork ready for a barcode.

The 80% Rule: With barcodes, we recommend never going below 80% of “actual size”. Below you will see a sample barcode. You can open this PDF into Illustrator if you need to and use this barcode as an example when sizing your barcode (or when creating room on your design for us to place a barcode onto).

The Height & Width Rule: You can reduce the height of the barcode if you need more room but do not reduce the width!


The “DO NOT DISTORT” Rule: Many barcode readers will have problems reading your barcode if it’s any smaller than 80%. You’ve probably seen barcodes smaller than what we show here, but you’ve probably also been stuck in a check out line when some product can’t be read by the barcode reader. Be sure to never distort the image. Below are some examples of what not to do…



Reference and save our Keeping Barcodes In Line guide.

We know sometimes relationships with sticker vendors run deep.  Want to supply your sticker, no problem!  But to save yourself from paying more for hand application, be sure to follow this guide so we can still machine apply them.

Help us, help you to get your sticker placed where you envision it on your album cover.  Use this handy guide to let us know what quadrant you prefer us apply the hype!

Want to add some hype, but don’t want to go through the trouble of designing a sticker, we’ve got you covered!  Talk to your sales rep about choosing one of our stock marketing stickers, we’ve already done all the design work for you.

From the turntable, to the gym or car we know you want your fans to have access to your music wherever they go.  We’ve got great options for download cards from your standard black and white, to premium mini pieces of art.  We can host too!  Ask your sales rep for pricing on options below.

You’ve decided to let us host your download card audio, awesome!  Follow this guide to submit your audio:

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