7″ Vinyl Records

The jukebox is all but dead but the 7” single lives on.

  • Furnace offers 7”s with small or large center holes.
  • 45 RPM: suggested speed for a 7”. Optimal timing is 2:30 – 4:00 minutes but can contain up to 6 minutes with some sound and volume drop off.
  • 33 ⅓ RPM: Can fit up to 5-8 minutes. Furnace does not recommend pressing 7”s at 33 ⅓ do to possible sound quality and playability concerns.
  • Weight: Furnace presses all 7”s at a respectable 40 grams.

7in color vinyl thumb imageColor Vinyl

We offer a whole slew of vinyl colors to match the vibe you’re trying to achieve. Our line-up of standard color choices include a variety of transparent and solid varieties that look great by themselves and even better when blended with others to create unique colors and marbled patterns.

7in picture disc thumb imagePicture Discs

Play it, frame it or just marvel at the beauty of it. Picture discs create a visual vibe that perfectly complements the music. Picture Discs are made by sandwiching a vinyl “puck” with printed labels and then adding layers of plastic laminate to each side which the grooves are pressed into. Although audibly inferior to standard vinyl, they still sound ok but the true beauty of this product is in the visuals.

7in vinyl etch thumb imageVinyl Etch

If you have a side without music and you’re looking for a cool way to fill the void, try an etching. We offer full side etching which adds graphics to an otherwise smooth and lonely platter. These look even cooler when pressed on transparent color vinyl.

7in print and packaging thumb imagePrint and Packaging

You won’t find a bigger collection of print and packaging nerds in this industry than the crew at Furnace. Whether you need something killer creative on limited budget or you are shooting for the stars, we offer an entire constellation of print and packaging options sure to please. Let Furnace be your one-stop source for vinyl record jackets, printed inner sleeves, disco jackets, liner notes, posters, lithographs, marketing stickers, boxsets and slipcases (for multiple record sets) or anything else your amazing brain dreams up.

Protective Inner Sleeve

As you know, records are delicate snowflakes (well, not really) and need to be pampered so they can provide lifelong entertainment. That’s where a protective inner sleeve earns its keep.

We’re not big fans of paper or paperboard sleeves coming in contact with your record. We’d encourage you not to use them but, we can’t tell you how to live you life, so we offer a whole line of sleeve options.

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More About 7″ Vinyl Records

Twenty years of experience stands behind Furnace Record Pressing. Let Furnace Record Pressing handle your entire project start to finish. Furnace offers 7″ records at 40 grams as their standard weight, with a small or large hole. Furnace has you covered for color vinyl, as well as picture discs.  Furnace means quality records jackets, top notch printing and packaging, world-wide reach, reliable turn times and our industry leading customer service.  Independently owned for 20+ years, take your project to the source and we’ll take it from there.

Fine Print:

Finished records will weigh +/- 6 grams. Final pressed quantity will be +/- 10%. Color vinyl and picture discs will experience a varying degrees of audio degradation. Please read our FAQ’s to learn more.