Vinyl Records Don't Press Themselves

We believe that people are the key to pressing great records, so we’re hiring the best in the business. Is that you?

We’re searching for experienced professionals who work hard, work smart and are passionate about a job well done. So get in touch and let’s press some records.

Open Positions

If you have prior vinyl record pressing experience, we are currently looking for:

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About Furnace

Furnace Record Pressing is a full service vinyl pressing plant based in Alexandria, VA. We eat, sleep, and breathe vinyl.

We make vinyl records for major labels and indies, musicians, and all who care about quality and craft. We’ve been doing this for 22 years and are dedicated to continuing to drive the industry by bringing only the best vinyl records to market.

Our clients include the biggest bands in the world and also independent labels and bands putting out their first record. Yes, this is a cool place to work, but we also work very hard and care deeply about the final product.

We practice Lean Manufacturing in the office and on the manufacturing floor. This means a lot of things but part of it is saving time every day through continual improvement of processes and ourselves. If we mess something up, we fix it and we learn from it. No excuses and no moping.

If you’re curious, and you should be, you can learn more about us.

Meet Some of Your Future Coworkers
Eric Astor - Furnace Record Pressing
Eric Astor
President & CEO
Eric is the president and CEO. He’s our chief and if you hang out with him long enough (or for 20 minutes) you’ll hear how he started thinking about how to do things the BestFastestMostEfficient way when he was a kid collecting baseball cards. These days he leads the team here by example- working to constantly refine and improving what we can deliver. When he’s not at Furnace, he likes to surf, mountain bike and hang out with his two gigantic Bernese Mountain Dogs and his cool folklorist wife.
Ali Miller - Furnace Record Pressing
Ali Miller
Vice President
Ali is the Vice President and not the Production Manager. She interviewed and accepted this job in 2008 because she was bored at her corporate office job. She’s never been bored since and is excited to see what the next ten years brings. She handles a little bit of everything at Furnace if you have a problem, she can fix it. Though surrounded by music every day, Ali used iTunes for the very first time (for non work related purposes) in July 2013. She has not used it since.
Mark Reiter - Furnace Record Pressing
Mark Reiter
Operations Manager
Mark is our Warehouse Manager. If our Lean Manufacturing program had a spokesmodel, it would be Mark. He can explain what it is, why it’s important and why you should care in 5 minutes or less. He runs a tight ship of an awesome team that has fun kicking ass and getting records out the door a little faster every time. Mark shares his non-Furnace home with wolves (ok, they're Siberian Huskies) and his awesome and slightly dangerous (MMA fighter) wife. Fun fact: Mark is the second drummer we hired (Eric is the first) and now we have five. Weird.
John LaPrade - Furnace Record Pressing
John LaPrade
Production Manager
John made a mix CD (CDs were still cool then) that he presented to us at his interview called ``Pleased to Meet Me.`` Obviously we hired him and we're glad we did. He loves vinyl, he loves hard work and he's naturally got that dedication bordering on obsessive that we celebrate here at Furnace. Our Production Manager, he works on estimating and project coordinating and whatever else we can con him into. His last name is weird to pronounce, so we just call him JLP and you should too.
Thao Nguyen - Furnace Record Pressing
Thao Nguyen
Office Manager
Thao is our Office Manager and handles our H.R. Thao referred to Furny in her cover letter and told us she had a dog named “Ken” in her interview so you already know she’s sharp and funny and does her research. She handles everything (which is a lot of things) thrown at her and keeps us all in line.
Ray Blevins
Warehouse Coordinator
A passionate vinyl DJ, music-lover, and record collector, Ray is our Warehouse Coordinator, managing the assembly of all the records coming off the presses. A huge movie buff who likes to cook, Ray has been spending some time recently learning Vietnamese from the other warehouse staff.
Jenn D'Eugenio - Furnace Record Pressing
Jenn D'Eugenio
Account Representative
A member of our sales team who also runs our social media, Jenn has been collecting records for over 15 years! With thousands of records, Jenn keeps an extra close eye out for every “Master of Reality” Black Sabbath record variant she can get her hands on. Coming from a design background, Jenn has done everything from designing kids clothes to working as a traveling rep for an art college, and is excited to pursue her passion for the art of vinyl every day here at Furnace.
Michael Hsu - Furnace Record Pressing
Michael Hsu
Mechanical Lead
Michael came on board in 2013 via his nephew who told us his name was Otis. We were confused about his nickname of ``Michael`` for about a year until we figured it out. Michael can fix anything. Literally anything that breaks, he'll put it back together and it'll probably work better than before. When he's not making machines out of spare parts and kicking ass on the finishing line, Michael is a super skilled photographer and a golfer.