Crowdfunding Your Record

Furnace MFG Can Help With Crowdfunding Music Projects

Indiegogo, Kickstarter, & More For Bands & Musicians

Many of our most successful customers were almost unknown when we first met. Some of them have done exceptionally well. They tell us the first vinyl pressing we made for them helped them make their way. Furnace MFG gets kicks from helping other people. We hope this post helps you likewise.

Crowdfunding goes back ages. It was quite common in biblical times for a prophet to call on people to help feed the masses. These days when a tornado, flood, or other disaster strikes a town, the people gather around to help each other by sharing what they have. Even Bill Gates needed a head start in life. Now he is helping others.

The Web Is A Perfect Environment For Crowdfunding Music

Crowd funding in cyberspace is an extension of putting a charity box out on the counter in the store. It enables you to find generous individuals who are willing to help kick-start your Furnace MFG vinyl pressing project – that is, after they have learned about it. Making sure they do is what makes it work.

Some donors – for that is what they generally are – go crowd surfing on sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub, Pledgemusic, and Fansnextdoor for projects. Please use these links! The crowd waiting to help a vinyl pressing project in your style of music may only be on one of them, so it may be worthwhile to try two or three of the platforms.

We’re Here To Help With A Kickstarter For Your Band

We mentioned earlier that we get kicks from helping people crowdfund their Furnace vinyl pressing dreams. While we do admit that this is good for business, it also brings us pleasure because we are nuts about the sound of music tumbling out of records and vinyl. Our love for music always comes first. Vinyl pressing is just the way we fund our hobby. We can help make a difference to your crowd-funding appeal, by helping you present your case.

In any form of selling – this could be anything from a hot dog cart to a supercar stand at a motor show – the initial impression is what counts the most. Looks count in our materialistic world. They grab the eye, and start imagination going in the desired direction. This is especially important in the under-regulated society that does crowdfunding. There are some genuine startups out there in need of vinyl pressing finance. Unfortunately, there are also dubious people out there like everywhere else.

Furnace MFG is well positioned to help you. We can provide a well-formulated quote that you can attach to your proposal. The fact that you are dealing with a rock-solid firm that goes back decades can go a long way to establishing your credibility – and in convincing potential donors that you have done your homework too.

In fact, we’ll take that further. Mention us in the first paragraph with a link (if that’s allowable) and we’ll offer compelling rewards to people who support your vinyl pressing raise!

We reckon that should have answered all your questions. Here’s one back to you. When can we start?

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