Furnace MFG – Custom Jacket Gallery

Looking for a unique option for your next vinyl pressing?

Explore the following gallery of creative jacket designs for a variety of print, finish and diecut ideas.

Looking for a truly custom option for your next jacket? The sky’s the limit! This printed gatefold jacket features a unique rotating star chart composed of foil-stamped paperboard and durable clear die-cut plastic with metallic print.

Use bold graphics and vibrant label art to spice up a plain white jacket with holes.

Turn bold design elements on your jacket into unique die cuts to highlight a reverse board print, printed inner sleeve, or insert.

Make a design element stand out and demand attention with shiny metallic foil accent stamping.

Add a bonus CD or DVD to your album by adding a foam hub to mount the bonus disc and show off the complementary design!

Turn your gatefold album into a true collector’s piece with a bound-in book and accompanying CD attached with a foam hub.

Bring multi-dimensional flair to a boring record jacket with brilliant, space-age holographic imagery.

For when a pocket needs to be more than just a pocket, turn a multi-fold jacket into an inventive work of art with custom cut pockets.

Use a custom slipcase to take your album to special edition. A translucent vellum slipcase adds an artistic element to the package and lets the cover art show through.

Looking for a truly retro option for your next album? The two-piece jacket harkens back to the golden age of music when vinyl was first crowned king.

Don’t hide your metallic or custom-colored vinyl behind a jacket; consider custom-printing a thick mylar sleeve to let your true colors shine through.

For a great album that you can hear AND feel, consider adding a custom texture to the jacket for unique fine art look and feel.

Press an album that begs to be taken out of the jacket and spun. A die-cut thumb notch can take the shape and size of a custom art element on your printed inner sleeve for a complete, artistic package.

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