New Machines= Better Packages at Furnace MFG

Furnace is super excited to show off our new gadget: the Shanklin HS-4 lap-seal shrink-wrapper.

We’re always looking to improve our services.  The owner, Eric, wanted a better looking shrink on our vinyl album jackets so we did some snooping around and landed this barely used beauty languishing in a Pitney Bowes facility.

Lap-Seal shrink provides us with a super nice display side of product without visible seams or wrinkles.  Better yet, we can pack items twice as fast as before further decreasing lead-times for our customers.

Keeping with our Eco-Vinyl theme, this style of shrink-wrap uses less plastic and produces no waste compared to traditional L-bar sealers.

Check it out:

Our packaging technician AJ is fitting pieces into place…

The indexer is ready to feed the beast…


What a beauty!

Furnace MFG