President of the Pallas Group visits Furnace MFG / Pallas USA

Our partner in crime, Holger Neumann, President of the Pallas Group, came to Furnace MFG/Pallas USA last week to have meetings and inspect the operation. 

Manish Naik (Furnace), Holger Neumann (Pallas), Eric Astor (Furnace)
L to R: Manish Naik (Furnace MFG, COO), Holger Neumann (Pallas, President), Eric Astor (Furnace MFG, Pres/CEO)


The Pallas Group of Diepholz, Germany has been making vinyl records since 1948 and has remained a family business for three generations.  They are well known for pressing the best quality, “audiophile approved” vinyl in the world.  Pallas USA is a partnership with the Pallas Group and Furnace MFG providing the highest quality record pressing to the North American music market.

Check out the photos of Holger inspecting the facility, hangin’ with the crew and meeting his nemesis, Jack Stryker in a man on dog standoff.

Manish, Holger, Ali Miller (Furnace MFG, Production Manager), Eric


Holger, Eric and Manish pose in front of the 50 year Pallas flag with the Wilco “Kicking Television” box set sporting the Pallas / Furnace MFG quality badge.

Holger meets his nemesis, Jack Stryker, Furnace’s Chief Morale Officer. Holger’s father (and Pallas’ Chairman) Rolf has a Burnese Mountain Dog which bites Holger each time he goes to the house. Jack didn’t bite…this time. Kim Stryker (Furnace MFG, Accounting), aka Mom, kept the peace.


Furnace MFG