Meet the Pets of Furnace

If you’ve checked out our About Us page, then you’ve met our team here at Furnace. What you may not know, however, is that our Furnace family includes an entire menagerie of crazy critters as well! Keep reading to learn a bit more about our furry best friends and the good causes that are close to their hearts.


Owner: Eric
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Favorite Hobby: Dodging Abe, lounging on the sofa, praying, devouring chew
sticks, and smiling.
Favorite Charity: Appalachian Wildlife Refuge


Owner: Eric
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Favorite Hobby: Chewing on his sister’s head, shedding, pawing at his Mom for attention, landscaping, and wrecking havoc.
Favorite Charity: Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust


Owner: Ali
Breed: Tabby


Owner: Ali
Breed: Tabby


Owner: Jarett
Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Favorite Hobby: Making new friends and playing
Favorite Charity: Operation Paws for Home


Owner: Thao
Breed: Pit terrier mix with a lady-killer smile
Favorite Hobby: Naps on naps on naps


Owner: Thao
Breed: Half lab, half chow, all sass
Favorite Toy: Never leaves home without his stuffed squirrel
Favorite Charity: Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

Juneau (L) and Strider (R)

Owner: Mark
Breed: Siberian Huskies
Favorite Hobbies: Sleeping, shedding, eating, playing in the snow, and watching Star Wars
Favorite Charity: Shark Angels


Owners: Jenn and Ray
Breed: Black Cat
Favorite Hobbies: Sitting on his Dad’s shoulders while he DJs


Owner: Jenn and Ray
Breed: Black Cat
Favorite Hobbies: Throwing around her rabbit fur mouse and following her Mom around as her shadow
Favorite Charity: Kitten Lady

Grey Kitty

Owner: Ryan
Breed: Tabby Cat
Favorite Hobbies: Eating houseplants she’s not supposed to. If you talk on your cell phone when you are sitting next to her, she assumes you are talking to her and will respond immediately with ‘the paw’ or a kitty conversation. Her favorite place to sleep is on her favorite human’s neck while she is sleeping, hoping she will wake up and either pet or feed her.


Owner: Ryan
Breed: Cat
Favorite Hobbies: running outside when people open the front door to roll around on the concrete. She has no interest in venturing more than ten feet beyond her little bubble in the world. She also enjoys hunting insects and watching humans wash dishes, which confuses her. She will watch humans do anything. She is confused by anything.
Favorite Charity: Mercy for Animals


Owner: Jessica
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Favorite Toy: His Stuffed Elephant
Favorite Charity: International Elephant Foundation

Peggy Sue

Owner: John
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Favorite Hobbies: She is always happy unless there is a thunderstorm. She likes walks with a crew of two or more humans, chasing rabbits, and a bite (or all) of whatever you are eating.
Favorite Charity: Best Friends


Owner: Jill
Breed: Collie
Favorite Hobbies: Finding sticks and carrying them around proudly and playing fetch.
Favorite Charity: Animal Welfare Institute


Owner: Emily
Breed: Egyptian Siamese
Favorite Hobbies: Snuggling with Bim Bim and acting like a Queen

Bim Bim

Owner: Emily
Breed: Siamese Mix
Favorite Hobbies: Snuggling with Icy and eating treats


Owner: Emily
Breed: Middle Eastern Street Cat
Favorite Hobbies: Being curmudgeonly


Owner: Emily
Breed: Middle Eastern Street Cat
Favorite Hobbies: Lying outside in the sun next to Casper and meowing at chipmunks


Owner: Emily
Breed: Middle Eastern Street Cat
Favorite Hobbies: Lying outside in the sun next to Garfield and sitting in boxes that are too small for him


Owner: Emily
Breed: German Shepherd-Saluki Mix
Favorite Hobbies: Sprinting in circles, wearing bandanas, and opening Christmas presents
Favorite Charity: Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue


Owner: Avery
Breed: Dalmatian
Favorite Hobby: Eating anything he can possibly find outside
Favorite Charity: The Humane League


Owner: Mark W.
Breed: Boston Terrier
Favorite Hobby: Playing with his family


Owner: Nicholas
Breed: Cute
Favorite Hobby: Plotting when to wake her owners up
Favorite Toy: Toys are for dogs
Favorite Charity: Humane Rescue Alliance

Robert Rockwell

Owner: Willem
Breed: Metamorphic
Favorite Hobby: Metamorphosing
Favorite Charity: United for Puerto Rico

Emily Zinger