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Premium CD Duplication Services by Furnace Record Pressing

In addition to premium, audiophile-quality record pressing services, did you know that Furnace Record Pressing is still a leader in quick-turn CD duplication services? Unlike our premium replicated CDs, which can take a week or more to complete and often require large runs, our CD duplication services can be done in small quantities on a much shorter time scale…we can even turnaround rush CDs in a day or less.

Furnace CD Duplication Packages
Though the words may seem similar, the duplication process is very different from the replication process. Replication refers to a process of creating CDs from scratch. We start by creating a glass master of your source materials. Next, we run the glass master through an electroforming process where a more durable representation of your data is created onto metal, or the stamper. The stampers are then used to mold your disc into polycarbonate (plastic). The polycarbonate discs are printed and then packaged to your specifications. Because of the cost to create a glass master and stamper, it’s usually more economical to order replicated discs in quantities of 300 or more.

Duplication is a simpler process. We take the master disc of your audio or data and duplicate the content bit for bit onto pre-manufactured CD-Rs. Each copy of your disc is guaranteed to be an exact duplicate of your master disc. Additionally, our CD-Rs are put through a rigorous quality-control process to ensure that your content is burned onto the best quality discs available. Because the set-up for our duplicated discs is minimal, we’re able to copy as few or as many CDs as you need: from 10 to 10,000. We can even turn around a rush CD Duplication order in fewer than 24 hours.

Our duplicated CDs are available in one of two different on-disc printing methods. One of our most popular disc print options is our economical thermal transfer printing. Our thermal printing process boasts the crisp lines and sharp text of a replicated, screen-printed CD but at a fraction of the cost. Looking for a more photo-realistic disc? We can also print vibrant, full-color discs using a special 400-dpi dye sublimation process.

CD Duplication PackagingLastly, we offer just about every variety of print and packaging for our CD duplication packages that we do for our premium replicated discs. Looking for traditional jewel cases? Eco-wallets? Even digipaks? We’re sure to have a package to fit your needs and budget. Looking for DVD duplication services as well? We offer the same lightning-fast packages for DVD duplication as well. Ready to pull the trigger? Visit our CD Duplication page at

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