What You Need To Press

Vinyl Manufacturing: What You Need To Press

Vinyl manufacturing has become increasingly popular despite considerable inroads by digital music – it’s on the comeback trail! Furnace Record Pressing continues to report increased sales year after year for good reason, including:

  • – Rediscovery by many that vinyl is the world’s most honest listening platform
  • – A return by many artists to deeper, mellow tones that the pliable material is suited to
  • – An increasing return to retro and classic designs

It follows that an artist focusing on simplicity and handmade quality should seriously consider vinyl manufacturing for his or her next release. The music is pure, and serious listeners will respect your desire to create a product that truly represents the sounds you’re trying to convey.

Vinyl Manufacturing Lead Times

At Furnace Record Pressing, explaining why the pressing process takes eight weeks has become one of our staples. Vinyl manufacturing is a process – one that can’t be rushed in order to press the best product and preserve the quality your listeners have come to expect.

  • Stage 1 – Our experienced technicians first thoroughly inspect the supplied audio master for sound quality and potential issues before pressing.
  • Stage 2 – If a CD or other digital format is provided, we carefully cut your master onto lacquers. Following that, we create the father, mother and stamper discs that will be used for the test pressings.
  • Stage 3 – After this initial mastering process (which usually takes about three weeks), the test pressings are shipped to the customer to inspect, listen to, and comment upon before we press the bulk of the records.
  • Stage 4 – Following customer approval, Furnace Record Pressing manufactures the customer’s records. A biscuit of vinyl in the customer’s desired color is placed between two super-heated stamper discs, which are pressed together to create a record. The labels on the vinyl are actually pressed with the vinyl biscuits at this stage of manufacturing.
  • Stage 5 – While the records are being pressed, we’ll work on printing and finishing any supplemental materials such as jackets, inserts and download cards.
  • Stage 6 – When the vinyl is completed, we perform rigorous quality control tests to ensure the vinyl meets our tough physical and audio specifications. When everything meets our approval, we then clear the vinyl for packaging and shipping to its final destination. The entire process usually takes about 7-8 weeks.

Do Our Records Sound Good?

Of course they do! We love our vinyl pressing as much as you love your recorded sounds. We also have the greatest vinyl manufacturing capacity in the world, with over 50 active automated presses. We press vinyl daily for both independent artists and major labels alike. Do you need more proof that vinyl recordings made with love simply sound better?

Our vinyl manufacturing presses are waiting for you when you’re ready!

Furnace MFG