Line QC Manager

About Furnace

Furnace Record Pressing is a full-service vinyl pressing plant based in Alexandria, VA. We make vinyl records for major labels and indies, musicians, and all who care about quality and craft. We’ve been doing this for over 25 years and are dedicated to continuing to drive the industry by bringing only the best vinyl records to market.

We practice Lean Manufacturing in the office and on the manufacturing floor. This means a lot of things but part of it is saving time every day through continual improvement of processes and ourselves. If we mess something up, we fix it and we learn from it. No excuses and no moping.

About the Position

The QC Manager establishes Furnace quality control standards, communicates those requirements to staff via training and documentation and implements procedures to ensure the standards are met across all departments. The QC Manager supervises the Line QC team. This position requires both leadership skills, a drive to innovate and a commitment to constantly improving processes. This position is accountable to the high standards set by ownership; that we produce excellent quality records that retain the trust of our customers.

Job Responsibilities:

– Sets Quality standards for Furnace products including pressed records and packaged finished goods. Creates and implements methods for ensuring these quality standards.

– Supervises Line QC staff across all three shifts to include regular evening and weekend shift check-ins. Selects, trains and establishes communication strategy for QC shift leads.

– Oversees pressing and packaging procedures to identify any deviations from quality standards.

– Capture and report trends and metrics.

– Work closely with Pressing Managers from each shift.

– Coordinate with the Sleeving Manager to guarantee good communication between departments and establish best practices.

– Follow up on QC incidents, review and correct procedures and provide corrective action if needed. 

– Establishes tolerance levels for pressed records and creates documentation outlining those specifications.

– Provides training for QC staff members to include periodic check-ins, discipline, and supplemental training.

– Builds and manages interpersonal relationships on the team and resolve conflicts between team members as appropriate

– Applies and refines knowledge of customer and end-user quality expectations. This knowledge informs standards and QC procedures and is communicated to staff via training and documentation.

 – Oversees the collection of random selected production samples to evaluate quality.


All applicants must be vaccinated for Covid-19 and willing to use a face-scanning time clock to record their hours to be considered.

Please send your cover letter and resume to for consideration. Thanks!