Vinyl Press Operator

About You

This is an entry-level position, so we don’t expect you to know how to do this job (don’t worry, we’ll provide training), but we do expect you to have certain qualities that will ensure you’re successful in the position and thrive within our culture.

The position is about operating a vinyl record pressing machine to make sure it turns out consistent records. A Press Operator will work closely with the mechanic and engineers to help diagnose problems with the machinery.

This full-time position requires flexible presence during M-F with a possibility of overtime. We offer training, group health plans, paid vacation, holidays, and 401k.

So, if the following describes you, we encourage you to apply.

  • Learns quickly
  • Thinks critically and enjoys problem solving
  • Has a keen eye for detail.
  • Understands urgency (this is key)
  • Good communicator 
  • Comfortable with machines 
  • Likes being part of a team who works hard,respects their work and their co-workers 
  • Demonstrates common sense and adheres to safety measures

 Some things you’ll do in this position:

  • Keep pressing station stocked with needed supplies 
  • Setup and changeover jobs in the pressing room
  • Follow instructions, follow schedules, keep press running
  • Provide basic maintenance on presses
  • Willing to work occasional late and weekend shifts to meet production deadlines
  • Maintain and improve workspaces for safety, efficiency, and LEAN

Some things you’ll need in this position:

  • Mechanical work experience in a repair or manufacturing environment ideal
  • Knowledge of warehouse safety 
  • Comfortable around (heavy duty) machines and an eagerness to master them is essential 

Please send resumes to