COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update, April 2020

Dear Friends,

First off, we hope you are all well. This is a trying time for us all and we look forward to a time when this way of living is once again abnormal.

Right now, we are still able to be open and we are pressing records.

Presses don’t have a work from home option. For those of our staff who must come into the factory, we’ve implemented new safety procedures to ensure social distancing and increased health measures, including staggering breaks, taping off work areas 6 feet apart, and soon will be checking everyone’s temperature before and after each shift. And of course, lots of hand washing and surface cleaning.

We know this is taking an unprecedented toll on the music community, so if you’re able, click here for ways you can help out.

Until we’re able to see you again face-to-face and less than six feet apart, we hope you stay safe, well, and find solace listening to your records.

Much love,
Your Friends At Furnace Record Pressing