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Before proceeding, please make sure you have read and have completed the following items prior to uploading your files:

- Is your Downloadable Content ZIP file 250MB or less?

- Have you added proper metadata to your audio files (metadata adds band name, song titles, track #s, album art, genre, etc to your files?) If not, your customers may have trouble finding your files once they drop them into iTunes or other audio program.

- For instructions on adding metadata and properly preparing your files, download our detailed guide.

- Did you speak to your Sales Representative about file naming? Our system will auto-generate names based on provided information and our internal filing system. Custom file naming carries an additional charge of $50 for custom work.

- If you would like Furnace to encode your files with metadata, please get in touch with your sales representative. They will add a $50 encoding fee to your invoice (this is in addition to the download card setup fee.)

- When you click the "Send It In!" button below, be patient. There is no progress bar, but our servers are accepting and confirming your file. When the file successfully uploads, you will be redirected to a confirmation page.

These fields will be printed onto your card. Please double-check for accuracy.

You can opt to have a contact email and web address appear on your cards as well. If you would like these included, please fill in the fields below:

By default, your redeem page is available at If you are skilled in web programming, and would like to host your own redeem page, please provide the URL where your form will be hosted:

Please upload your content (Audio & Art Files - labeled with your catalog number) via FTP or a free service like wetransfer.

Please contact a Furnace team member for FTP access

Maximum file size: 516MB