Vinyl Order Form - Record Industry



As a manufacturer of recorded material, Furnace is obligated to make sure that all of the audio recordings, video, and data that we duplicate is owned or being used legally by our customers. Each project requires a completed “IPR” declaration (included on our order form) that states who the owner of the master contents are and if needed, executed licensing documents when including material that is the property of another party or parties.
What do I need to submit if I’m putting out a compilation record with various artists included?

When using someone else’s recording on your release, you’ll need a signed Master License from the Master Rights Owner of the recording.

If you are a label who owns all of the masters by the various artists appearing on the recording, you will need to show Furnace a document showing us that these recordings are currently under your control and not under a separate license from the band/owner. You will also need to pay Mechanical Licenses (as you should be doing with all the records you sell on your label.)

What do I need to submit if my recording has a sample of other artist’s work?

Let’s say you sampled a killer drum beat by the Meters or you’d like to include some dialog from a Star Wars (hopefully not JarJar Binks). You’ll need to submit a contract to Furnace stating that you have permission from the Master Rights Owners of that recording in the form of a Master License (direct from the label or film company). You MAY also need to pay for and secure a Mechanical License from either the Harry Fox Agency or directly from whoever controls the publishing.