400 Blows “Sickness of Health Sonic Youth “Confusion is Sex” Auto! “Automatic!!” Appetite “Scattered Smothered Covered” Johnny Hartman “The Voice That Is!” The Soft City “Four Stories” Tim Laughlin Feat.

Not The Spaces You Know, But Between Them Sonny Stit and Paul Gonsalves “Salt and Pepper” Coleman Hawkins “Wrapped Tight” Theophilus London “Timez Are Weird These Days” Paul Nice Ft.

Neil Young “Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968” Jeff Matey “The Ghost of Who I Used To Be” Deborah Bond “Madam Palindrome” A Fucking Elephant “El Drugstore” Blizzard at

Metallica “St. Anger” Vic Della Pello “Broken Heart Tattoo” Conveyor “Sunray” Folk Family Revival “Unfolding”

The Greenery “Spit & Argue” Helmet “Strap It On” (Available in black or yellow vinyl) Ricer “XXX+Size”

Carolina Still “Distiller” Syntax “Lucid Dreams” Stratocruiser “The Spark” Dos “Dos y Dos”

1,2,3 “New Heaven” Tan Vampires “For Physical Fitness”

Dos “Dos y Dos” Blue Sausage Infant “Negative Space” Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “It’s A Corporate World” Neil Young “Live At Massey Hall (1971) Ryan Adams “Empty Room/Nutshell” The Riverbreaks