Let the re-building begin: techs moved our two boiler units into place and are now starting  the refurb process. We chose Miura boilers because they are highly efficient and can

Today was the first day going over our plans with the Fairfax County Government. The level of detail that goes into building a pressing plant is staggering and the rules and

Steampunk anyone? Today we received our two massive Miura boilers that will soon get to work pressing your #vinyl records.

RSD Off the Press: Superchunk – “Cup of Sand” 

RSD Off the Press: John Trudell – “AKA Grafitti Man”

Off the Press: Baroness “Purple” 12” 180g Transparent Purple Vinyl LP

Sumrra “5 Journeys” 12” 140g Vinyl LP

Off the Press: Dave Matthews Band “Live Trax Vol 5” 12” 180g Vinyl 4LP Boxset

Jason Daniels “Dashboard Visions & Rearview Reflections” 12” 140g Vinyl LP