Fancy! Washingtonian Magazine came by to see how we make the donuts…

A Look Inside One of the Country’s Biggest Vinyl Record Plants

Red Vinyl Special… Because Love

Love (of Vinyl) is in the Air! ❤️ This month we celebrate true loves (in no particular order;) : significant others 👫👭👬 pets 🐶🐱🦒 Netflix true crime programming 🔪 a warm

Happy Chinese New Year

Furnace wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! 🧧🐷 Our lead finishing technician, Michael, made this beautiful couplet. On the right, we look back at 2018: Fire, Started, Safety, Dog Year,

Fox 5 DC Visits Furnace Record Pressing

We had a blast spending the afternoon with the folks from Fox 5 DC, showing them the ins and outs of how vinyl is made right here in the DC

Performer Magazine Interview with Furnace Chief Eric Astor

Musicians are why Furnace exists, so we were especially excited to sit down with Performer Magazine recently to talk about our new plant, what musicians should know about the process

Furnace Crew Spotlight: Mark Huggett & Mark Reiter

Each month we’ll spotlight members of the Furnace crew. Here are two people instrumental in manufacturing great sounding vinyl records at Furnace. Mark Huggett – Lead Machine Technician Mark Huggett

Behind the Scenes at Furnace Record Pressing with Analog Planet’s Michael Fremer

Join Furnace Chief Eric Astor as he walks Analog Planet’s Michael Fremer through every part of the Furnace Record Pressing. The pressing room, QC, assembly, finishing, even our offices –

NPR Visits Furnace

WAMU’s business and development reporter, Ally Schweitzer, paid a visit to Furnace a couple weeks ago to learn why, in the so-called digital age, someone would be crazy enough to

Why are vinyl records black?

Think back to the first vinyl record you ever owned. Reverently sliding it out of its sleeve for the first time, taking care to only hold it by the edges